Book Review: The Choice by Cindy Cipriano

The Choice – Book Two of the Sidhe by Cindy Cipriano Book Review by Dawn Thomas Publisher: Odyssey Books 275 Pages Sci Fi & Fantasy, Children’s Fiction At the end of the first book Laurel’s brother Daniel returns from the Sidhe. They saw Finley but before they could get him out Brownshire, a brownie, says something and Finley disappears in a puff of smoke. Calum is determined to find out where Finley is. Laurel begs Calum to give her and Daniel the Talents. Laurel’s mother catches them and stops them. Laurel’s parents are angry at the Sidhe and the part they played in Daniel’s abduction years ago. Calum and Hagen miss spending time with Laurel. Her father has made it impossible for the boys to interact with Laurel or Daniel. Laurel finds a way to meet Calum she tells him she has the Talents and needs his help. Something has been trying to get in the house to steal her new baby sister, Mary. At one point she traps Brownshire but he gets away without telling where he sent Finley. Calum’s grandfather tells him that Laurel is the key for Finley’s return. Part two of the book focuses on Finley….