Book Review: Ostara by Kerri Connor

Book Review: Ostara by Kerri Connor Review by Dawn Thomas Publisher: Llewellyn Publications Release date: January 8, 2015 208 pages Sabbats This book is a part of the Sabbat Essentials and begins with a tour through the wheel of the year. The author also explains the difference hemispheres. The book is divided into six chapters. The first chapter is called Old Ways. She describes how the equinox is calculated. She also includes a timeline for the connection of Eostre with hares and shows how a tradition was born. She continues this chapter with descriptions of sacred sites that mark the Equinox. She includes the Celts, Druids, Malta, Mayans and Angkor Wat. The author also includes the relationship between Ostara and other holidays and deities that are honored by various religions. She also describes how Ostara was thought to be the celebration of the New Year. The second chapter is New Ways. The author describes the newness of the season, the symbols of spring, and seasonal activities. She mentions kite flying is a perfect activity to honor the season. Other activities involve eggs like egg rolls, hunts and races. She continues the chapter by detailing the different ways Pagans celebrate Ostara….