Book Review Cop Town by Karin Slaughter

Book Review Cop Town by Karin Slaughter Review by Dawn Thomas Publisher: Random House Publishing Group Bantam Dell 417 Pages Literature/Fiction (Adult), Mystery, Thrillers I have read Karin Slaughter’s books for many years and found them captivating. This book is no different in that aspect. The difference with this book is the time period. The book takes place in the 1970s in Atlanta where civil rights and segregation are finding footholds. Even the police locker rooms are segregated. The main characters are two women police officers and the male officers do not want them there. Maggie has been an officer for five years and faces verbal and physical abuse from her uncle. He has been on the force a long time and doesn’t believe it is the place for women. She struggles every day to make ends meet and help take care of her family. Kate lost her husband to the Vietnam War. She grew up privileged but needed to find a job where she could make a difference. There is a shooter in town killing police officers. Maggie and Kate try to find commonalities between the cases to see if they could narrow down a motive for the killings….