Spring Semester 2013
UF , Uncategorized / January 8, 2013

Today is the beginning of the spring semester at UF. The Business Law course won’t start until tomorrow so I took advantage of working on my Exploring Geology and Business Computing courses. They both seem to be interesting subjects. The only problem I have is the written assignments in Geology. The arthritis in my hands makes it difficult to write for periods of time. I completed the first three assignments on my computer and transferred the first one paper. Now my right hand is done for the day. It will be a hot wax bath night tonight.

Welcome to this beautiful Solstice Season!
Savanna Jane , UF , Uncategorized , Winter Solstice / December 22, 2012

We have been traveling in the dark waiting for the season of increasing light. As the light begins to glow we are aware of changes around us. We begin a new year and with that new goals and resolutions. But before we welcome the new we must say goodbye to the old. The year 2012 for me was hard and trying. Returning to college to finish my degree was proven to be harder than I initially thought. I finished my third semester at the University of Florida and have a 3.33 GPA. I spend hours reading and watching lecture and find it hard to have any type of life outside of the house. I do not know how other people with jobs are able to do this. I am proud of myself for taking this opportunity to do something I didn’t think I would ever be able to do. This year has been mixed with sorrows. Even though how dear Savannah Jane passed in May, she is never far from our thoughts. We have a magnolia tree planted in our backyard in her memory. She has visited me three times. The first time I was lying in bed and heard…