Book Review: Christmas Mysteries by Various Authors

Book Review Christmas Mysteries by Various Authors Review by Dawn Thomas Publisher: Open Road Integrated Media Publication Date: 11/10/2014 This book contains excerpts of 25 books. Each one has a holiday theme and pulls the reader in. There were several stories that when I reached the end of the excerpt I was so hooked I had to get the book. One story in particular, Night of Reunion by Michael Allegretto, takes place in Colorado Springs. The story begins with Christine being released from a hospital and driving to Colorado. There we follow the story of Sarah, her young son Brian and new husband Alex. One evening a mysterious letter comes to Alex. He doesn’t want to discuss it but knows he has no choice. A few of the writers included in the book are Charlotte MacLeod, Ellery Queen and Nero Blanc, who has four crossword themed stories. These were the first of his books I have read but they will not be the last. They remind me of a cozy mystery. If you enjoy a good mystery or thriller with a holiday theme, you may enjoy these stories. It is a great way to get a peek into many…

Book Review: We Walk Beside You Always by Bridget Benson
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Book Review We Walk Beside You Always by Bridget Benson Review by Dawn Thomas Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd Health, Mind & Body, Self-Help   This book was not what I expected. This is a personal account by Bridget Benson, an Irish clairvoyant. She goes into detail on visits she receives from loved ones that have passed on. She also tells stories of people she met and how the encounter changed both of their lives. Bridget is a speaker and attends gatherings, some as large as theatres to pass on information. She said sometimes it is difficult to pass on the information because she knows it will cause them pain. Messages she receives usually involve the health of a family member and to seek medical assistance. I found one story of a man to be very sad. He was distraught of the passing of his mother. He sought information about his mother who had passed on. He later took his own life to be with her. The message of this book that Bridget wants to share is our loved ones are always with us even if we cannot hear them or see them.

Book Review: The Thirteenth Tower by Sara C. Snider
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Book Review The Thirteenth Tower by Sara C. Snider Review by Dawn Thomas Publisher: Double Beast Publishing Sci-Fi & Fantasy ISBN: 9789187657016 The story begins with Emelyn, a housemaid getting ready for a large party. She goes about her day, when she hears music. She wants to see where the music is coming from and finds most of village following a creature. She tries to get Mrs. Cook, the head cook, to return to the house but the hold the music has over the cook is too strong. Things begin to spiral out of control when the dancing begins. At that point a man comes to Emelyn’s aid and together they leave the village. On their way from the village they meet two Magi. These men are magical and offer to tell Emelyn about her parents. Emelyn is intrigued since she was orphaned and raised by Mrs. Cook and the big house. The Magi travel through the forest and when Emelyn tries to rescue a Hawk she meets one of the tiny forest folk. She makes a bargain that will change the atmosphere of the group. As they continue their journey Emelyn begins to connect with the forest. She continues…

Book Review: The MLittle Book of Odes & Invocations by Auntie Matter
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Book Review The Little Book of Odes & Invocations by Auntie Matter Review by Dawn “Belladonna” Thomas Poetry This is a small book filled with flowing poetry. The first poem, Winter Solstice—We Remember, is truly beautiful. There are 13 poems in the book. There is an invocation to raise power and also poems for Samhain, the equinox, the universe, the moon, sky and the stars. I thought the poem, The Angels Ride In—Shooting Stars/Meteor Showers, arrived right in time for the Geminids meteor shower. The book ends with a lovely poem for the Summer Solstice. Each one of the poems is written from the heart and touches the soul. The book is available for purchase for Yuletide Gifts by contacting Sondra directly at or visit

Book Review: Dark Prayer by Natasha Mostert
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Book Review Dark Prayer by Natasha Mostert Review by Dawn Thomas Publisher: Portable Magic, Ltd. Mystery & Thrillers ISBN: 9781909965201 This is the second book that I have read by Natasha Mostert and I enjoy her writing style. From this story I learned about free running and parkour culture. This is also another story relating to memories. The story opens with a prologue of a little girl stumbling on the death of her mother. The story then shifts to Jack. He is an American the son of a rich English business man. His father is disgusted with Jack’s latest antics. He sends him to London to help out a friend, Daniel Barone, search for his missing ward, Jennilee. When they were young Daniel Barone, along with Jack’s father, were in a group that worked in honor of Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory. They each had their own way of addressing memories and how the brain accesses them. Daniel explains that Jennilee is in a fugue state had a break with reality and walked away from her live. It is different than amnesia and was caused by a traumatic experience. She became Eloise Blake who is the opposite of Jennilee. Jack…

Book Review: The Red Magician by Lisa Goldstein
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Book Review The Red Magician by Lisa Goldstein Review by Dawn Thomas Publisher: Open Road Integrated Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy ISBN: 9781497673595 I was intrigued to read this book. The story begins just before the Holocaust in a Hungarian Jewish community. We meet Kicsi the youngest daughter of a printer. She dreams of traveling the world and cannot wait to be able to leave the village. One day she meet a red haired man named Vörös. He tells her is a magician’s assistant. He talks about the world outside of the village. Since is he is visitor to the village, her family asked him to stay with them. When Vörös talks about future events at the rabbi’s daughter’s wedding, the rabbi believes he is cursing the village and everyone living there. The rabbi banishes Vörös from the village. At a family dinner there is a knock on the door. It is a German soldier and he tells them they are all to report to them in three days. They pack a few belongings and leave their home. They are boarded onto trains and sent to concentration camps where they are separated. Kicsi lives day-to-day and finally believes she will die…