Book Review: The Elusive Elixir by Gigi Pandian

September 22, 2016
The Elusive Elixir Book Cover The Elusive Elixir
Gigi Pandian
Midnight Ink

Book Review: The Elusive Elixir by Gigi Pandian
Review by Dawn Thomas
336 Pages
Publisher: Midnight Ink
Mystery & Thrillers, Sci Fi & Fantasy, Alchemy, Women Sleuths, Culinary
Zoe Faust is an alchemist trained by Nicholas Flamel. Dorian, her gargoyle friend, is turning back to stone. In an effort to reverse the action, she travels to Paris, France in search of a backwards alchemist. The owner of a bookstore, Lucien, tells her about a book created by backwards alchemists. He promises to ship it to her as soon as he locates it. While visiting Notre Dame Cathedral to investigate a missing gargoyle, a woman from her past spots her. Madame LeBlanc accuses her of murder and has her police officer nephew interrogate her. Zoe flees Paris and returns to her home in Portland, Oregon.
Upon her arrival, Zoe finds Dorian in worse shape and confides in him about the encounter. He agrees she was right in leaving France. Brixton, a teenage friend, tells her about a spy he found peeking in windows. Zoe is afraid the man is the French police officer looking for her. When the mummified remains of a man are found in an abandoned shed, Zoe fears Brixton may be in danger. She tells him to stay close to home and not to look for the spy. Zoe is shocked when she sees Percy, the son of a long ago lover. Percy was supposed to have died in the 1930s so how could he be standing in front of her at the teashop. If Zoe is going to protect Brixton and help Dorian, she must return to Paris and face her past.
This is the third book in the Accidental Alchemist book series. I have not read the first two books but was able to follow the story with the information the author provides throughout the story. The story is written in first person point of view in the present tense. Since Dorian is a chef in the story, the author kindly provides several of the recipes used in the book. If you enjoy the Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness, you will probably like this series too.

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