Book Review: We Walk Beside You Always by Bridget Benson

December 19, 2014

Book Review We Walk Beside You Always by Bridget Benson

Review by Dawn Thomas
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd
Health, Mind & Body, Self-Help
This book was not what I expected. This is a personal account by Bridget Benson, an Irish clairvoyant. She goes into detail on visits she receives from loved ones that have passed on. She also tells stories of people she met and how the encounter changed both of their lives.
Bridget is a speaker and attends gatherings, some as large as theatres to pass on information. She said sometimes it is difficult to pass on the information because she knows it will cause them pain. Messages she receives usually involve the health of a family member and to seek medical assistance. I found one story of a man to be very sad. He was distraught of the passing of his mother. He sought information about his mother who had passed on. He later took his own life to be with her.
The message of this book that Bridget wants to share is our loved ones are always with us even if we cannot hear them or see them.

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