Book Review Clairvoyant Psychotherapy by Susan Feinbloom

November 2, 2014

Book Review Clairvoyant Psychotherapy by Susan Feinbloom
Review by Dawn Thomas
Smith Publicity
ISBN 9781492963042
Health, Mind & Body, Self-Help
I didn’t know what to expect when I started this book. I found several statements to be very powerful. One is “We are responsible for our own reality.” She talks about emotional wounds not being the same age. When we get defensive about something the wound reacts at that age level. We have to break through this wounded pattern in order to move on with our lives. She also states, “There is no blame.” This is another powerful statement. Another is “Healing begins when we are willing to look at ourselves without defensive eyes.”
Section One introduces the reader to mediation, grounding and energy. The author believes meditation is the foundation of psychic psychotherapy. She also believes clearing the chakras will remove static energy that has built up in our bodies and open up to movement. In clairvoyant psychotherapy she looks at core beliefs, fear, original pain pictures, defensiveness, and the holding on to old energy of past imprints.
Ms. Feinbloom discusses the process she uses while working with clients. She correlates the pain or fear with the static in the energy field. She teaches a three-part pattern which includes grounding, connecting to the earth energy and connecting to the cosmos. She describes grounding as movement and the fluidity of energy. Her description of connecting to earth energy is earth energy as manifestation, fruition, flower and blossom. She describes connecting to the cosmos as the source of our information, guidance, and creativity.
In one example she gives a detailed account with a female patient. After grounding and releasing energy she could sense hatred coming from the woman’s mother. She hears telepathic screams. It was an expression of her mother’s torment. The woman had always heard the screams as a child when no one else could hear them. After treatment the woman was able to experience silence and peace.
Section Two has information on the seven chakras. She believes the chakras through meditation make up the map of her client’s psyche. She describes each chakra and what area each affects.
At the end of the discussion of each chakra she provides a meditation.
She gives another example of a patient. He man said one leg felt different than the other. After grounding and connecting to earth energy he could tell the difference of his relative’s energy within him. It represented that he needed to stand up for himself against his relatives. She gives him an exercise to do to connect with nature.
Section Three includes annotated transcripts from sessions with clients. These are stories of four women and two men and how they were able to acknowledge their obstacles and grow from the experience. The author does an amazing job showing us we can see so much more when we open not only our eyes but all of our senses.
This review is included in the Samhain issue of the Global Goddess  ezine.

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