Book Review Botanical Beauty by Aubre Andrus

September 9, 2016
Botanical Beauty Book Cover Botanical Beauty
Aubre Andrus

Book Review Botanical Beauty by Aubre Andrus
Review by Dawn Thomas
162 Pages
Publisher: Capstone
Publication Release Date: March 1, 2017
Crafts, Hobbies, Spa Treatments
This book is all about making yourself feel good. The introduction includes specialty ingredients and the uses for each one along with a list of essential oils. There are explanations for measuring and melting ingredients, storing products, allergies and the importance of cleaning. The chapters are divided into body areas.
The first chapter covers treatments for the hands and feet. I fell in love with the chocolate sugar hand scrub. It was so easy to make and smelled so good. I was so tempted to taste it! There are variations for cuticle balms, hand cream, salt scrubs and foot soaks. The nail strengthening serum feels good when rubbed into the nail bed. The warming wrap makes your hands and feet feel so soft after rinsing.
The author even includes a section on DYI section. The first project is how to create press-on nail designs. This was a surprise since I did not know you could do this at home without commercial prepared designs. She also provides directions to make your own pedicure slippers. How ingenious! I also love the shoe sachets that absorb odors.
The second chapter has treatments for the body. This chapter includes some of the same topics found in the previous chapter but changed for the body. I love the solid perfume recipe and plan on expanding using different scents. I love the idea of tub tea and her solution using organza bags. She includes recipes for body butters, cream and scrubs. There are also recipes for shaving cream, bath melts and salts. Shower steamers come in handy during the winter when colds are common but she provides two variations that can be used anytime of the year. Her recipe is very similar to the one I use to make my own lotion bars. She also has variations for deodorant, which is better than using any commercial brand containing aluminum. As with the previous chapter, there is a DYI section. There are directions to make your own shower pouf and a towel wrap.
The third chapter discusses face treatments. There are recipes for masks, toner, facial sprays, lip scrubs and balm, face wash, exfoliating scrub, and lotions. She includes recipes for peppermint toothpaste and mouthwash, which are very refreshing. Since I live in Florida, I kept the toothpaste in refrigerator so it would not be liquid during the summertime. The recipe for the chocolate mousse face mask would go great together with the chocolate sugar scrub from the first chapter. How wonderful to cover yourself in chocolate! As with previous chapters, she has DYI projects. These include eye pillows, room sprays and facial wipes.
The fourth chapter is dedicated to hair treatments. The deep conditioning treatment is so easy and makes your hair feel amazingly soft. She provides two types of dry shampoo – one for light hair and one for dark. The recipe for dark has cocoa powder. How can you not like that? The tangle release spray with apple cider vinegar not only helps with tangles but it makes your hair shiny. I cannot wait to try the hairspray recipes. There are also recipes for hair masks, sprays and glitter gels.
Again, the DYI section included simple projects to make at home. These include hair ties, headbands, hair wraps and hair clips along with a storage case. I was happy to see the directions for the ribbon hair ties since this is the only type of hair ties my granddaughters use.
There are also gifts ideas. These include tips for manicures and pedicures along with packaging ideas for other products. The artwork and photos in the book are very well done. The wording in the recipes is easy to follow and include notes and tips. I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys making body products for themselves or as gifts.

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