Book Review: A Cold White Fear (A Meg Harris Mystery) by RJ Harlick

August 27, 2016

Book Review: A Cold White Fear (A Meg Harris Mystery) by RJ Harlick
Review by Dawn Thomas
344 Pages
Publisher: Dundurn Publishing
Murder, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Canada, Native American
This is the seventh book in the Meg Harris Mystery series and takes place in Canada. Meg Harris and Jid, a twelve-year-old Algonquin boy, are preparing for Christmas in her isolated home. A winter snowstorm is bearing down on them when there is a knock on the door. Two men are on the doorstep asking her to open the door. She is apprehensive but one of the men tells her he is from the Indian reservation and needs medical attention. She opens the door and lets them in. Viper, covered in snake tattoos, explains how his friend Larry was injured in a car accident when they slid off the road. Meg is suspicious of the man’s injury since it appears to be a gunshot wound. She tells Jid, who is out back gathering wood, to go to the reservation and get help.
Meg escapes out the back door while the two men are resting. While hiking through the woods she hears voices. She recognizes Jid but not the man with him. When Jid cries out in pain, Meg knows she must do whatever possible to save Jid. They return to the house and are kept as hostages. Because of the blizzard conditions, the power goes out and trees are blowing against the house. Now it is not only about survival from their capturers but also from the elements.
For the next 24 hours, Meg concocts multiple escape plans every chance she gets. It definitely is a race against time. The book was a fast read and I enjoyed the suspense. There was a bit of violence and an abusive act against Meg. This was my first book from the author and I will look for more of her work in the future.

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