Book Review Blood Defense by Marcia Clark

August 27, 2016

Book Review Blood Defense by Marcia Clark
Review by Dawn Thomas
398 Pages
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Mystery & Thriller, General Fiction (Adult), Legal, Courtroom Drama, Women Sleuths
This is the first book in the Samantha Brinkman series. In this series, Samantha is a defense attorney as opposed to the Rachel Knight series where the main character is a prosecutor.
The news is full of stories about a police detective accused of murdering two young women. Samantha needs a case like this to keep her office afloat. She knows taking his case would be good for her career and would give her publicity. On the other hand, everyone knows she is not fond of the police. She has mixed feelings when she receives a call from the detective that he would like to meet with her.
Dale, a well-known police office without any blemishes in his career is accused of the double murder and asks Samantha to represent him. In the case, she knows she does not have to prove anything; she only has to provide reasonable doubt. When Dale reveals some surprising news to Samantha, she is shocked to her core. The case turns personal to Samantha when her office is set on fire and her apartment is ransacked. Now she knows the only thing she can do is prove Dale is innocent and someone else committed the crime.
Samantha had a difficult childhood with a mother incapable of loving her. I could relate to this on so many levels. She is a woman with flaws and does not try to hide them. She gets things done anyway she can even it if is not exactly legal. I found the characters in the book well developed and look forward to learning more about them in future books. If you enjoy legal courtroom thrillers like books by John Grisham, this would be a good book for you.

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