Book Review It Takes One by Kate Kessler

April 4, 2016

Book Review It Takes One by Kate Kessler
Review by Dawn Thomas
Publisher: Redhook Books
Women’s Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Sexual Abuse
This is the first book in a series based on Criminal psychologist Audrey Harte. When she was twelve, she and her friend, Maggie, killed Maggie’s father. Her father was sexually abusing Maggie from a young age. When Audrey found out about it, she wanted to do something about it. After the murder, Audrey was sent away to a girls’ detention center and Maggie to a hospital institution. When she is released, Audrey realizes she and Maggie have changed. They no longer are close and Maggie’s reckless actions cause hatred to grow in Audrey.
When Audrey returns home for her mother’s birthday party, her first task is to get her drunken father from Gracie’s, a bar, and bring him home. As she walks into the bar, she spots an old boyfriend, Jake, behind the bar. She finds her father and Jake helps her carry him out to the car. Audrey hears her name called and turns to find Maggie standing there. She is drunk and wants Audrey to come back inside and have a drink with her. Audrey refuses and Maggie gets in her face. Before she knows it, she pushes Maggie and knocks her down.
The next morning a tourist walking along the beach finds the body of a woman. It turns out to be Maggie. With Audrey’s criminal history, she is the prime suspect. Audrey realizes she needs to find out who really killed Maggie to clear her own name. She knows her life is in danger when someone following her pushes her car off the road.
It seems everyone’s behavior was related to the sexual abuse of Maggie’s father. This was the underlying cause for the actions throughout the book. This was a slow read for me. The subject matter was difficult and disturbing. There were many characters but each one had a different personality. There is an excessive use of the “f” word which I didn’t feel was necessary. The overall tone of the book was just sad.

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