Book Review White Leopard by Laurent Guillaume

March 2, 2016

Book Review White Leopard by Laurent Guillaume
Review by Dawn Thomas
196 Pages
Publisher: Le French Book
Mystery, Thriller, General Fiction (Adult), Africa
Souleymane Camara, known as Solo to his friends is the White Leopard. He was a police officer in France but now lives in Bamako, Mali as a private detective. He is approached by a woman who believes her husband is having an affair.
Farah Tebessi, a Paris lawyer, hires him to get her sister, Bahia, out of jail. Bahia was hired to carry gold into the country. Unknown to her, it turns out to be drugs. She is arrested and thrown into jail. The lawyer gives Solo money to bribe the officials to get her released. He meets with the jail official and negotiates the woman’s release.
After the police wake him up, they take him to an industrial area of the city. The police commissioner, Kansaye, is there waiting for him. There is a woman floating in the water. When he looks closer at her, he realizes she was Bahia.
He is back on the infidelity case. He followed the husband to a hotel restaurant. Sitting at the table with him is a beautiful woman. When he reports his findings to his client, she is pleased with the outcome and pays him.
Farah spreads the word Solo has taken the case to find Bahia’s killers. This infuriates the men behind her death and they begin following Solo. Before he knows it, he is almost over his head in trouble. He asks his friend Milo, the Serb, for help. Things go from bad to worst in a hurry. After traveling back roads and sleeping under the stars, he returns to finish the job.
The book is full of action and I could see this becoming a movie. I must caution there is a lot of violence and some raunchy sex scenes. With that said, I enjoyed the book and its fast action adventure. I found myself rooting for Solo to be successful and live to see another day.

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