Book Review RavenStorm Witches by Misha McKenzie

March 1, 2016

Book Review RavenStorm Witches by Misha McKenzie
Review by Dawn Thomas
126 Pages
Publisher: Icasm Press
Sci Fi & Fantasy, Witches & Wizards
The book tells the story of nine women who happen to be witches. Maeve wants to protect Grayson from a manipulator. The coven meets and decides the woman needs to learn how her actions hurt others. Every time she tries to tell a lie, the truth comes out instead. Hildie loses her job because a coworker said she was selling company secrets. The coven gets together and casts a spell for the woman to come clean and confess. Everything she does reminds her of what she did to Hildie.
Malise had bad taste in men. She wants to teach her ex-boyfriend Travis a lesson. When he wakes up the next day, he is a woman. He sees how his words and actions offended women in the past. Tatiana works at an animal shelter. When she learns about a man mistreating dogs, she wants to do something about it. The women in the coven write a spell so the man will feel what his dogs feel. When the dogs are hungry, he is too. In each story, Sheva gets a potion out of the cabinet. She gives a different potion to the offenders.
This was a fast read. While some of the book was amusing, I did not agree with other parts. The overall attitude was to show people who hurt others to see the error of their ways. It seems the coven acted as the judge, jury and executioner in each case. The overall theme was retribution whereas many witches agree to do no harm.

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