Very Like A Queen by Martin Lake

March 16, 2018
Very Like A Queen Book Cover Very Like A Queen
Martin Lake
Lake Union Publishing
January 26, 2016

The King’s favor was her sanctuary—until his desire turned dangerous.
Alice Petherton is well practiced at using her beauty and wits to survive in the Court of King Henry VIII. As the King’s favorite, she enjoys his protection, but after seeing the downfall of three of his wives, she’s determined to avoid the same fate. Alice must walk a fine line between mistress and wife.
She finds a powerful protector in Thomas Cromwell, and Alice has every reason to believe that she will continue to enjoy a life of wealth and comfort at Court…until she puts everything at risk by falling in love with a Frenchman, Nicholas Bourbon.
When Cromwell is executed, Alice loses her only ally and flees to France. There she hopes to live in peace with Nicholas. But Alice is lured into a perilous game of treason, and peace doesn’t last long. Will Alice get back the life and love she’s fought for? Or will she lose herself to the whims of a capricious monarch?

Very Like A Queen by Martin Lake
Review by Dawn Thomas
Rating: 4 stars

402 Pages
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: January 26, 2016

Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical, British, French

Alice Petherton is the mistress and favorite of King Henry VIII. As the favorite, she has special privileges. She is young and beautiful and has the protection of the King. Everything is fine until she falls for Nicholas Bourbon, a Frenchman, when visits England.

The King’s court begins to fall apart under the threat of treason. Thomas Cromwell was Alice’s protector until he is accused of treason and executed for his alleged crimes. He provides her with money and properties to secure her future. Alice takes his advice and flees England where she finds protection from the King of France. During her stay, she gives birth to twins but their paternity is in question. Alice cannot be certain if Nicholas or Henry is the father.

After several failed kidnapping attempts, she decides it would be better to return to England and show her support to Henry. By now, Henry has remarried and Alice is no longer his mistress. She travels with him and his entourage to the north. He wants to control her since he does not completely trust her anymore.

This is a well written fictional story of British history. The story had good flow and the characters were complex. I recommend this book to anyone interested in stories of royal courts and relationships.

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