Book Review: 365 Tarot Spells by Sasha Graham

September 22, 2016
365 Tarot Spells Book Cover 365 Tarot Spells
Sasha Graham
Llewellyn Publishing

Book Review: 365 Tarot Spells by Sasha Graham
Review by Dawn Thomas
408 Pages
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Tarot, Divination, Ritual, Magic, Spirituality
Ms. Graham begins this book with a homage to Janina Renee’s Tarot Spells. She describes her first experience using Janina’s book. During her reading, the author realized the question she asked was not what she needed to know. There were more ways to connect to nature and create sacred space. This prompted her to create this book.
Sasha believes magic is understood in a threefold process using desire (thoughts and ideas), feelings (align yourself and visualize) and action (the spell). She explains the importance of magic and shows readers how they can connect with it.
The author realized her first book, 365 Tarot Spreads, was a great starting point for a spell book. As in her pervious book, a bit of trivia is at the beginning of each daily spell. Reader can pick any tarot deck they feel comfortable using. Ms. Graham suggests reading each spell in advance and any tools needed gathered before the reader begins a spell. It is important to follow her guidelines to create sacred space and the three steps to responsible magic.
Each daily spell includes a method, visualization and meditation. The spells are easy to follow and do not require special ingredients. One spell from the book is the Caramel Lace for Grace and Elegance. All that is needed is the Three of Cups card, a small saucepan, spoon, parchment paper, water, sugar and salt. I looked at the tarot card and visualized the future while I was stirring the ingredients in the saucepan. Once the caramel was formed, I poured it onto the parchment paper. Later I will be able to eat the caramel when I need to be delicate.
I recommend this book to anyone that has a closeness with tarot. This would be a wonderful way to enhance your connection.

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